IB Diploma Results

Number of StudentsYear< 2424 – 3031 – 3536 – 3940 – 45
(before remarks)

In the table below you can see our DP results from the first graduating class in 2011 up to 2021. We are proud of the scores our students achieved in our first decade – especially as an inclusive school. But we are even more proud of how an OIS education has helped our graduates to be successful, both academically and beyond.

While IB school statistics can be useful for internal purposes, we believe there is now too much focus on average DP scores. We believe comparing schools based on average results is neither in the spirit of the IB, nor does it fit our motto to “Shape your trail”. From 2022 onwards – ten years after the first OIS students graduated – we are therefore publishing our DP results in this new format:

In the admissions process we will be happy to share more of the narrative behind these numbers, should it be of interest.

As we have entered our second decade, we aim to shift the attention from DP averages to more meaningful indicators of success. Watch this space as we share stories of how OIS graduates continue to shape their own trail in the world.

IB Diploma Results at OIS

YearNumber of DP candidatesPass rate (%)Average exam gradeOIS average points
World average points scoreTop grades
2021451005.63532.9844, 44, 41
202029935.123231.338, 38, 38
201943915.13329.642, 42, 41
201849924.93129.841, 40, 40
201734975.33429.940, 39, 39
201624905.4353043, 40, 40
2015259653230.241, 40, 40
2014247153230.138, 36, 36
201316815323042, 38, 37
201214714.63129.936, 34 34
From the teachers, the assistants, the students and the entire staff of OIS – there has always been a nurturing yet academic environment. A place I call school which feels like a second home. The teachers continuously strive to bring the best in each and every student, day after day. I have felt supported and safe. Entering Med School in Germany would not have been possible without the help of OIS. The IB program at OIS has helped shape me into the young adult I am today. Ever determined, ever grateful.
Vitória Ahern – Graduated 2019-2020
Students celebrate receiving their IB Diploma results at Graduation.