Registration of Interest

School Year 2022-2023

If you are interested in your children joining OIS, please let us know.

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Procedures for Admission

OIS is currently accepting applications for the 2022–2023 school year. We are also accepting applications for future academic years.

Step 1) Check the equivalence table to determine the year group you are applying for. Please note that at OIS we use the British grade level denomination.

Step 2) Send an email to Admissions if you wish to book an on-site visit to our campus

Step 3) Register your interest.

Step 4) Schedule a meeting (online or on-site) with the relevant program coordinator to discuss the educational program, curriculum and OIS expectations.

Step 5) Schedule our placement tests. These can be done on-site or at your current school under examination conditions.

Step 6) Interview with the respective programme coordinator.

Step 7) OIS will review the application and contact you directly.

Step 8) On successful completion of the admission process, we will request the upload of necessary documentation for enrolment at OIS. At this time, payment of the registration fee is due to secure the applicant’s place. Note: if there is no available place, the applicant will be placed on our waiting list.

It is the intention of the school to accept applicants. If parents are in doubt as to whether the student will be successful at the school, a week’s trial period can be arranged. This trial period is free of tuition charge if it is decided that the child will not to join the school permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions for Registration

Which year should my child apply to?

The Year/Grade Equivalence Table lists years and grades for the countries: UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil and the USA. If your country is not listed, please email us at

What is your admissions policy?

You can find our admissions policy here.

Can I visit the school?

You can book a visit or an online Zoom meeting here.

Do you accept late entrances (Term 2 or in the middle of the school year)?

Please contact for further details.

How old must my child be to apply to OIS?

Your child must be 6 years old. OIS begins in Year 2/PYP1.

Do you have a handbook?

The student/parent handbook contains useful information:

  • Calendars for the school day, week, and year for all programs.
  • Information on uniforms for all classes as well as where to get them.
  • Includes Code of Conduct and other school policies.
  • Loads in an easy-to-print PDF format.

What are the school fees?

School fees can be found here.

Which Year/Grade level is used at OIS?

At OIS we use the British Grade Level (Year 2 up to Year 13).

Are all books included in the fees?

Yes, all the books are included in the school fees.