Oeiras International School – Sapere Aude!

Welcome to OIS! (2 min)

Oeiras International School’s (OIS’) motto, ‘Sapere Aude’, means dare to learn. We encourage our students to be brave and to consider new possibilities and ways to approach problems. All progress is made by those who have the confidence to think and act differently, and that journey starts with Sapere Aude!

Oeiras International School opened in 2010 to offer a fresh approach to independent education within the Lisbon area. OIS is unique in that it was founded by parents themselves. Parents still own and run the school through their charitable foundation, Oeiras International School Associação SFL, founded in 2009 by 30 investors and associates.

All profits go back into the school and the community is in control. There’s no doubt this contributes to the unique family-oriented ethos of OIS. What’s more, in the last decade, the school has firmly established itself as a leader in student skills development and has become the institution of choice for technologically-minded, creative and socially-aware families.

Our small class sizes mean our teachers know their learners as individuals, recognizing and responding to their particular ways of learning. An average class size of 16 learners, allows for more teacher contact time for each learner. We have no doubt that this fact contributes to the academic success of our students.

Moreover, we are a proudly inclusive school and there is no entrance exam. We accept new students if we believe we can help them to be their best, and they can give to our community in return.

OIS today has 463 students from age 6 to 18 and a complement of almost 100 staff. The school has successfully transitioned from a start-up to a leading institution in the Lisbon area, boasting a special combination of academic excellence and a beautiful working environment.

Furthermore, the school follows the IB programme throughout and OIS graduates go on to attend some of the best universities in the world. Oeiras International School students have received offers from excellent universities like Cambridge University, King’s College London, New York University, Stanford University and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Our People

The OIS community is large and incredibly diverse. In fact, more than 45 nationalities are represented, spanning the globe, reflecting and celebrating a broad range of beliefs, cultures and traditions.

We are a real international school. We are tolerant, understanding and compassionate and we value and respect others. Positive relationships weave between and join together students, parents and teachers. We hold a common purpose and our shared vision is our power.

Our Pedagogy

OIS follows the IB curriculum for all students which means that from age six, OIS students are taught to be in control of their own learning. They develop the essential skills of time management, project leadership, collaboration and debate. Also, we encourage risk-taking and build resilience through personal projects, research and presentations.

Furthermore, our students grow to understand that failure is often part of their path to success. They learn that in working as part of a team, relationships are as important as individual brilliance. We focus on cutting-edge digital design with a future facing, progressive course.

Subsequently, students gain the tools and understanding to become early adopters and tech pioneers. Likewise, our students seek opportunities to design novel products and programs to address real world issues.

An Oeiras International School student enjoys using a virtual reality headset.

OIS students know the same facts, the same theories and the same histories as other school students, but what gives them the edge is how they learned them. Our inquiring pedagogy gives our learners power to make their own trails.

Our Place

OIS is set in an idyllic environment with green, open spaces, a gentle river flowing by, and extensive wooded areas. The picturesque 17th century palace lies at the heart of the school, surrounded by evocative original stone walls and other magical features, including the beautifully decorated chapel, which is a national monument. All of this, alongside superb modern facilities, enables high performance in a comfortable learning environment.

Our school community enjoys the great, green outdoors every day, and our students learn to take care of their environment in class and in reality. OIS learners climb trees, ride bikes and walk through woodlands during their lunch breaks, all on our own campus. This beautiful, special place is what makes OIS unique.

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