Table of Comparison (age and year group)

 Portuguese system (US grades)Age on September 15thOIS 2023-2024
Stage 1 or 1º ciclo do básicoPre-school3-5 yrs
 1º ano6 yrsYear 2 / PYP
 2º ano7 yrsYear 3 / PYP
 3º ano8 yrsYear 4 / PYP
 4º ano9 yrsYear 5 / PYP
Stage 2 or 2º ciclo do básico5º ano10 yrsYear 6 / PYP
 6º ano11 yrsYear 7 / MYP
Stage 3 or 3º ciclo do básico7º ano12 yrsYear 8 / MYP
 8º ano13 yrsYear 9 / MYP
 9º ano14 yrsYear 10 / MYP
Secondary or Secundário10º ano15 yrsYear 11 / MYP
 11º ano16 yrsYear 12 / DP
 12º ano17 yrsYear 13 / DP

Academic Standards

Our assessment scheme records progress on a scale from 7 (Excellent) to 1 (Very Poor/Insufficient). Please see Portaria 433/2005, April 19th for equivalence. A student is at risk of failing the year if they achieve a 3 or below in three or more MYP or DP subjects (all subjects are included).

Achievement grades of 3 or less should be viewed as failing grades or at least indicating lack of readiness to proceed to the subsequent year’s study.

In MYP, a grade 2 in the Personal Project (PP) or non-completion of Service As Action is viewed as failing conditions.

In IB-DP, non-completion of DP subject Internal Assessments, Extended Essay (EE) or Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) are also viewed as failing conditions.