Oeiras International School began in 2009 as the dream of a group of parents. They decided that, from the beginning, there would be a scholarship program to cater for greater equality in educational opportunities for young people in the surrounding community of Oeiras. This commitment to children in the local community was also made to the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras (CMO) and included as part of our agreement with them.

The founders were aware that there would be great financial constraints in the early years of the school but wanted to make this commitment from the beginning. So they offered one scholarship in the first year and increased this number by one for each successive year until there was a scholarship for each year in the school cycle, a total of seven. This number was later increased by the board to 10 full scholarships.

About OIS Scholarships

Each year a number of scholarships may be awarded to students within the Oeiras area who otherwise may not have the opportunity to benefit from an OIS education. The scholarships are advertised in the local press and considered on merit by the Scholarship Selection Council of the Board. The following conditions apply:

  • Covers all yearly school registration and fees. No other discounts to be applied
  • Open to all students Year 6 through Year 12 not currently attending OIS
  • Preference is given to residents of Oeiras
  • Selection is merit-based (grades and recommendation letters) and weighted by need (written statement of need from the parents)
  • Documentation to be submitted by candidate: must be in English
  • Letter of application
  • Applicant must include a personal statement
  • Applicant’s curriculum including grades
  • Recommendation letters
  • Scholarship Selection Council composed of one CMO and three OIS representatives
  • Automatic yearly renewal based on continued high academic achievement

Deadlines for Scholarship Applications for Academic Year 2022/23

  • Announcement and request for candidates for the next year published in general purpose media during first quarter of calendar year
  • Application submission deadline February 28th 
  • Candidate screening process deadline March 31st
    • Submitted documentation evaluation
    • Candidate and family Interviews
    • Up to two candidates per scholarship pre-selected to be presented to the Selection Council for decision.
  • Selection Council meeting in May
  • Proposal to Board of scholarship(s) award
  • Official attribution at the end of May

Please submit your applications for the scholarships to: