After-School Activities

Here at Oeiras International School (OIS) our After School Activities program is brimming with stimulating pursuits for students of all ages. These fun and enriching sessions help our students develop their skills in a variety of areas including music, arts, sciences, life skills, and combat sports. The activities run across the whole school year. The goal of the after-school activities program is not only to complement the learning taking place at OIS, allowing students to expand their horizons, but also for students to try something new, while making new connections.

To help as many students as possible to join these activities we provide late buses. Places on the late buses are limited, so please check with Ms Cassilda on, to check on availability, once you have decided upon the activity you would like to join.

Current Activities

Classical GuitarActors Workshop
DrumsArts Therapy
Electric GuitarCeramics Workshop
FluteDance Academy
PianoThe Entrepreneurs’ Club
ViolinFilm Making Workshop
SaxophoneFood with Friends
SingingGame Development
Homework Club PYP/MYP
The Inventors
Mini Tennis
Re-Create: Crafts from Recycling
Self Defence
Sew Fun!
Tae Kwon Do

ASA Calendar SY2023-24

For Terms & Conditions of our ASA Programme please click here.

ASA Coordinator Adrian Illingworth – E-mail:

Sew Fun! Sewing Club

Discover the joy of working with fabrics, colours, and patterns as you unleash your creativity and learn the art of sewing in our relaxed workspace. Join Ms Hannam for an engaging and hands-on experience where you’ll be able to transform your fabric into something fantastic. With a focus on upcycling or recycling material you’ll learn valuable life-skills as your skills develop.

Surfing – Surf Lisbon

Led by Surf Lisbon’s expert surfing coaches, students will gain confidence in the water, practice essential surfing techniques, and embrace the thrill of catching waves. So, get ready to hang ten, experience the rush of the surf, and create lasting memories in this exciting after-school activity. We’re so lucky to have the ocean on our doorstep!

Self defence program – ON-defence

Looking for a safe and fun environment for your kids to learn how to defend themselves? Our self defence program focuses on social awareness and danger prevention. We work on building confidence, communication skills, problem-solving and critical thinking through stimulating physical drills through which kids acquire the skills, they need without focusing on violence. 

Bullying is a big obstacle that schools worldwide work hard to overcome, teaching kids to manage stress and frustrations and using their voice as their main weapon against any form of aggression is our focus.

In our classes your kids will be introduced to self-defence techniques that come from on a variety of martial arts, they will train their flexibility, coordination and strength, and will learn about the world around them and how they can keep themselves and those around them safe.

Art Therapy

Our Art Therapy class is where students and other members have crafted pillows and cushions for the living room and bedroom, colourful wooden furniture like bar stools, and customised shoes in eye-catching colours.

Nevertheless, our Art Therapy class isn’t just about the end result. Having your own works of art and craft to be proud of help with mindfulness and relaxation.

Art therapy promotes the development and enrichment of each and every one of us, and increases our creativity.

Our Art Therapy classes have a foundation in mindfulness and we play serene background music to help students connect to their essence and heart. Students also benefit from an improved ability to focus and discover their potential in all areas”

Isabel Luz – Art Therapy teacher

Game Development

Flawless Victory will teach you how to create Computer Games.

You’ll learn about Design, Scripting and Coding on Professional platforms for 2D or 3D. Game design is a useful context for developing computational thinking and digital creativity. When learners are introduced to software development at an early age, they need contexts that are familiar. Games present worlds with defined rules, clear objectives, and more than one possible solution to a problem.

By the end of the year, you’ll publish at least one game that you can send to your friends and family.
Flawless Victory


Hip-hop dance is a unique and exciting style of street dance that is most commonly performed to hip-hop music. Hip-hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art.

Educational benefits:

Street-cred at school

If there’s a talent show competition or hip-hop crew audition at school, your kid will have some cool moves and can hold their own on the dance floor. This can go a long way to making them feel a sense of belonging, and that they have a special skill to bring to their school community.

Artistic expression
Hip-hop dancers are encouraged to let the music move them, so classes often provide opportunities for kids to freestyle and improvise. This is a great way to develop your child’s creativity. The opportunity to express themselves is also a great outlet to blow off steam and rebalance emotions.

Physical activity
The physical demands of hip-hop can be quite high, so kids will get a really great cardio workout in classes! They’ll be fitter, but also enjoy better balance, flexibility and coordination. Hip-hop is not always about ‘hitting it’ – it also incorporates moves borrowed from jazz and lyrical styles, so they’ll develop new talents and skills.

So much fun
Unlike the structure of classes like ballet (which are fantastic for learning that style, but don’t suit every child), hip-hop classes offer a freer style of movement. Kids will often hear the latest songs in class, which makes then forget they are learning anything – they’re having too much fun!

Robotics Club

Robot is a physical device programmed by humans to follow a set of instructions with high precision. Additionally, it can be AI enabled to perform tasks that it has not been previously programmed to do. With the growth of robotics as a field, there is a wealth of opportunities in terms of career opportunities in the future and students interested in pursuing this line of work will certainly benefit from the skills acquired in this club.

Robotics is about hands-on learning, and apart from developing futuristic skills, it also enhances concentration and attention levels in children

I have coached and mentored students, visited many schools, universities, educational forums, events, and companies, with the goal of promoting to adults the importance of kids having the opportunity to experience science, engineering, technology, and teamwork, in their lives.
Ana Silva – Robotics Club Teacher and responsible for organizing the FIRST LEGO League in Portugal


Songahm Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea in 1954.

This martial art is a blend of many ancient Korean martial arts developed to represent Korean culture around the world.

Songahm Taekwondo training, in addition to the improvement of the physical

condition of the students, develops balance, physical coordination, and flexibility,

while introducing fundamental values for their social relations, such as discipline,

self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance, and loyalty.

All classes are taught using the most safe, fun and exciting instruction methods

available for kids.

The Inventors

The Inventors develops experiences that inspire and prepare the younger generations for the challenges of the future.

We create educational experiences that show pupils that they have the ability to be inventors and use any tool or technology.

Our activities are based on a set of learning theories that are aimed at motivating the pupils for the areas we cover.

Creative and Technological Hands-On Projects that develop skills like creativity, resilience, motivation, curiosity, passion, teamwork, always from a multidisciplinary perspective, linking areas such as:

Musical Instruments

How does the human brain benefit from learning a musical instrument?

Just like athletes will go to the gym every day to strengthen their muscles, humans need to train and strengthen their brain.

Many people approach this in different ways, some read challenging texts, others play cognitive brain games, some even learn a new language. Regardless of the way it is done, the brain needs to be fed in order to grow.Learning a musical instrument not only sustains and feeds the brain, but it also improves so many other cognitive and physical aspects of the human body.

OIS offers to you a variety range of musical instruments.

As an ASA music student at Oeiras International School, you will work closely with a teacher and enjoy some opportunities for solo and ensemble performances. For a complete list of musical instrument lessons scroll back up this page.