After-School Activities

Th after-school activities program at Oeiras International School (OIS) is brimming with stimulating pursuits for students of all age groups. These fun and enriching sessions help the students develop their skills in areas like music, arts, sciences and combat sports. We aim to have the students singing, jumping and learning with joy before the term is over.

Plus, the goal of the after-school activities program is not only to complement the learning taking place at OIS, allowing students to expand their horizons, but also for students to try something new. To help students take on these activities, we provide late buses so as many students as possible can participate.

Current Activities

Drum KitTaekwondo
Electric GuitarThe Inventors
Classical GuitarArt Therapy
CelloGame Development
Bass GuitarVocal Coaching

An Eclectic Program

The courses on offer change from term to term and students can pick a new one each time. Nevertheless, sports are always popular and students relish the opportunity to represent Oeiras International School in matches.

Also, we have a strong arts program, and the school production is a celebrated annual event with a large and enthusiastic cast.

The after-school activities program is also available to non-students and has courses which are appropriate for children and adults alike, depending on the skills they want to develop and their favorite pastimes.

Art Therapy

We also run an Art Therapy class where students and other members have crafted pillows and cushions for the living room and bedroom, colourful wooden furniture like bar stools, and customized shoes in eye-catching colours.

But our Art Therapy class isn’t just about the end result and having your own works of art and craft to be proud of, they are to help with mindfulness and relaxation.

Art therapy promotes the development and enrichment of each and every one of us, and increases our creativity.

Our Art Therapy classes have a foundation in mindfulness and we play serene background music to help students connect to their essence and heart. Students also benefit from an improved ability to focus and discover their potential in all areas”

Isabel Luz – Art Therapy teacher

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club’s mission is to increase enthusiasm towards, and knowledge of, robotics by providing students of OIS a hands-on experience in designing, building, and programming robots. Tutor Ana Silva organizes the FIRST LEGO League in Portugal.

I have coached and mentored students, visited many schools, universities, educational forums, events, and companies, with the goal of promoting to adults the importance of kids having the opportunity to experience science, engineering, technology, and teamwork, in their lives.
Ana Silva – Robotics Club Teacher and responsible for organizing the FIRST LEGO League in Portugal

Hitting the Right Notes

There is an orchestra of music-based pursuits for OIS students to enjoy, including Vocal Coaching, The Band and Classical Guitar. For budding musicians, we have teachers supervising drums, guitar, voice, cello, piano and harp sessions.

The Band class is directed by Carl Nevitt. At OIS, some students develop a passion for music and begin learning to play an instrument. So, we help these creative students band together and learn to interact and support group members. We build bands including a drummer, bassist, piano or guitar, horns and vocals.

In addition, part of The Band course is for students to reach a point where they are confident enough to record their music and become cohesive as a band so they can perform live. The band can rehearse weekly, playing a mash-up of musical styles, before wowing an audience with what they’ve created.