Child Protection and Safeguarding

Oeiras International School (OIS) protects the rights of all of the children in our care by not only following the legal requirements as established by Portuguese law, but also as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
“There are four articles in the convention that are seen as special. They’re known as the “General Principles” and they help to interpret all the other articles and play a fundamental role in realising all the rights in the Convention for all children. They are:

  1. Non-discrimination (article 2)
  2. Best interest of the child (article 3)
  3. Right to life, survival and development (article 6)
  4. Right to be heard (article 12)”

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As a school we strive to prevent any cases of abuse or harm from taking place, but we also have mechanisms in place in order to react and respond if child abuse is noticed or reported.

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