Global Citizenship and Intercultural Learning

Global Citizenship and Intercultural Learning at OIS integrates a comprehensive approach that weaves together the wellbeing of individuals and communities, adherence to the highest ethical standards, a deep commitment to the values underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

As Global Citizens within our educational community, we are committed to:

1. Promote Wellbeing: Advocate for the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of every individual.

2. Uphold Ethical Standards: Foster integrity, respect, and responsibility across a spectrum of cultural contexts. This commitment extends to promoting responsible digital citizenship.

3. Respect and Advocate for Children’s Rights: Align with the UNCRC, ensuring every child’s rights are protected and upheld.

4. Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity: Celebrate diversity, creating a community where every individual feels valued and included.

5. Engage with Global Issues through Intercultural Learning: Equip students with the knowledge and skills to thoughtfully engage with global challenges, incorporating intercultural insights to foster innovative, sustainable, and equitable solutions for international communities.

6. Foster Sustainable Development: Inspire a responsibility towards environmental stewardship, emphasising the importance of sustainable practices.

7. Cultivate Empathy, Compassion, and Intercultural Understanding: Enable students to connect with, understand, and value the experiences and perspectives of others from different cultural backgrounds.

8. Encourage Participation, Leadership, and Intercultural Exchange: Inspire students to take active roles in their communities and the wider world as leaders and advocates for positive change, emphasising the importance of intercultural dialogue and collaboration.

By incorporating intercultural learning into our definition of Global Citizenship, our school commits to producing not only academically successful individuals but also ethically grounded, emotionally intelligent, and culturally competent global citizens.

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