High-Quality Learning and Teaching

Child friendly definition of High-Quality Learning and Teaching:

At OIS, learning is all about being bold and curious – like being an explorer in a world of knowledge. Our school is an amazing place where every day is a new adventure, filled with fun, challenges, and teamwork. We use the latest tech to make lessons super interesting and relevant, helping us understand big ideas and how to apply them in real life.

What’s great is how much our voices count here. Teachers really listen, making sure we all get to throw our ideas into the mix and learn in a way that works for us. Even when we’re stuck on something not so fun, we’re encouraged to dive in and discover its value.

Our school feels like a big, global family. We learn from each other, respect our differences, and help each other grow. It’s not just about becoming knowledgeable; it’s about becoming caring, creative people ready to make the world a better place.

Let’s keep challenging ourselves supporting one another, and building a community where everyone belongs and shines.

Let’s shape our own trail!

Definition of High Quality Learning and Teaching

OIS offers a comprehensive and transformative educational experience, guided by the principle of ‘Sapere Aude’—daring to learn. Our learning environment is safe, engaging, and fosters enthusiasm, emphasising differentiated learning. Our approach connects lessons to broader concepts, nurturing a genuine love for lifelong learning. Learning combines self-directed exploration with structured guidance, encouraging collaboration, facing challenges, and finding joy in every lesson. Our culturally relevant curriculum integrates technology, focusing on both concept-driven understanding and practical skills application.

We prioritise student agency, promoting critical thinking, positive relationships, and learning rooted in good pedagogical choices. Personalised teaching is supported by effective formative assessments that stimulate higher-order thinking. We encourage reflective practices, urging students to engage deeply in all subjects, fostering meaningful thinking. Our value-focused approach ties learning to humanity, emphasising the importance of learning to learn.

Respectful and trusting relationships between learners and educators form the foundation of our inclusive and intercultural approach. Our curriculum embraces the IB Learner Profile attributes and Approaches to Learning, with a constructivist mindset. Formative and summative assessments are varied and provide an opportunity for reflection, with timely high-quality feedback to enhance future learning.

Lessons at OIS are enjoyable, fostering creativity, and educators promote an environment centred on kindness and respect, supporting students in learning from failures. We address all areas of student development, including social and emotional aspects. Our curriculum aligns with our guiding statements, nurturing a learning community that prepares learners for the future, fostering attitudes and abilities to contribute to a better world. OIS stands as a beacon of service, integrity, respect, growth, and excellence, nurturing students prepared to make a difference in creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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