As an international school with a diverse student body it is no surprise that many languages are spoken here. Languages are a key part of a truly international education. At OIS we follow the IB route, having a first language and an acquisition language. In terms of lessons we try to offer the major languages of our community and to support those who wish to follow a self-taught option.

Most OIS students will follow 3 different languages. The level of study depends on their fluency and not their age. Everyone studies Portuguese and English, these are our core languages and in IB terms are ‘Language and Literature’ or first language, but currently we also offer German, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese as first language and also for language acquisition. In keeping with the IB philosophy languages are taught at the level appropriate to the learner. Students develop insights into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture through language. In the MYP students study language acquisition for 3 lessons per week.

For more detail on language acquisition in the MYP follow this link.