Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

Ten years after founding the school, the OIS Board and Associates decided to review its vision, mission and values. The school had grown, the ethos had developed, and it was appropriate to begin a process of reflection and review.

Moreover, drawing together all stakeholders, the Board listened to the views of those who have a stake in OIS. This included parents, students, teachers, alumni and even the local community. The result was the new vision, mission and values statements.

There is a clear connection with our history, but also a move towards greater environmental awareness, inclusivity and personal growth. What’s more, during this work, the website and visual identity of OIS were also reviewed and refreshed. Once again, community involvement was key to the success of the project.

Sapere Aude

Our school motto, Sapere Aude, means ‘Dare to learn’.
We encourage our students to be brave and to consider new possibilities and ways to approach problems. All progress is made by those who have the confidence to think and act differently, and that journey starts with Sapere Aude!

“Nurturing a learning community to shape a sustainable world”

Our Purpose

At OIS, we believe that the children of today will solve the problems of tomorrow. So, we educate them to understand the issues we face and to take responsible action to make the world a better and more sustainable place.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a respectful community of lifelong learners who are aware of their role in shaping a better and sustainable future in an ever-changing world.

In addition, we educate our learners for the future, to be equipped for the careers that don’t yet exist, to have the wisdom to challenge our environmental impact through a more sustainable lifestyle, and to make a better world. An OIS education is more than facts and figures, it is attitudes and abilities.

Our Mission

  • Develop an outstanding school based on the IB curriculum, with a particular focus on STEAM subjects
  • Engage talented teachers and staff in an inspiring natural environment
  • Provide a superb education to nurture independent, passionate, creative, agile learners, to become compassionate leaders who will make a difference in creating a more inclusive and sustainable world

Our Values

Our values include the following commitments:

  • SERVICE – OIS nurtures involvement in society and encourages each student to contribute through community service
  • INTEGRITY – OIS nurtures an honest and ethical way of being
  • RESPECT – OIS nurtures character by esteeming the rights of others and cherishing our natural environment
  • GROWTH – OIS nurtures a mindset that encourages students to believe that their talents can be developed through effort and persistence
  • EXCELLENCE – OIS nurtures a belief that each student can achieve distinction in their own way