Congratulations Class of 2021!

IB Diploma – Provisional results

Our provisional results for the class of 2021 have been released. There may be some appeals (which could result in grades moving even further upwards) but already these are some of the best results OIS students have ever achieved.

As a non-selective school, we are very proud of our average points score of 35 and our 100% pass rate for those who took all of their exams. 11 of our students scored an amazing 40+ points. This is a tribute to the hard work of the teachers and students, and the well known support that OIS parents give to the school.

11 out of 44 students scoring 40+

Average points score of 35

Non-selective school

100% pass rate

Now the work of securing university places begins. With these outstanding results, we are confident that our students will be successful. In a future post I will bring you up to speed with their destinations and courses, because I know we have some really exciting stories to tell.

Principal Steve Lewis