Our MYP Certificate results

Congratulations to all of our hard-working Year 11 students!

Following the excellent IB Diploma results we posted earlier, we are very pleased to be able to share with you news of our MYP Certificate results. This year we entered 42 candidates and achieved a pass rate of over 95%. The average points score was 42 (from a possible 56) and the highest individual score was 53. The average score across the subjects was 5.1. In all there were 422 individual subject entries and only 2 failing grades. Once again our average score for the personal project (5.1) was significantly higher than the global average (3.75). These results are amongst the best ever achieved at OIS and we are justifiably proud of them.

Highest individual score 53

(from possible 56)

Pass rate over 95%

Average score for Personal Project 5.1

(global average 3.75)

Congratulations to all of our hard-working Year 11 students and teachers on this excellent set of results! We are ready for the Diploma now!