Wellbeing Awareness Year at OIS

This year we celebrate the Wellbeing awareness year at OIS.

Through this school year, different topics related with Wellbeing will be celebrated each month. The main topic selected is based in international dates (celebrated in that month) and the programme academically defined for Extended Tutor Group ( ETG). The MYP are focused in themes like Relationships in Y7, Choices in Y8 and Well-being in Y9, Responsibility Y10 and Citizenship Y11.

In October there were two important dates celebrated internationally – on the 10th – World Mental Health Day and – on the 20th – World Day Against Bullying – that’s why we have chosen the month of October to talk about Mental Health.

In order to celebrate and raise awareness among students and staff , we have had some initiatives such as our school psychologist Tiago Santos talking to Y10 and Y11 about “resilience and coping mechanisms” and also a guest speaker Ines Marinho (#Naopartilhes) talking to Y7, 8 and 9 about Cyberbulling and even in our last day of school before the Mid Term Break, again our school psychologist talking to Y9 about Mental Health “Reach, Talk and Move”.

It’s important for the whole OIS Community to know that there is a whole team that can and should help. From Tutors to Teachers, the Nurse, Student support and the Psychologist, the doors are open to any support that may be needed.

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