Who We Are

On Monday, the 18th of October, Year 3 students went down to the Quinta to celebrate the end of their first unit, Who We Are with an international picnic. They have been inquiring into different cultures, traditions, dishes, clothes, music and so on and learning to appreciate and respect what is different to what they are used to.

Each student made or bought a traditional dish from their culture. We had pancakes from Russia, empanadas, rissois and pastel de nata from Portugal, noodles, cookies and sweets from China, brigadeiro from Brasil, waffles from Belgium, waffles with brown cheese and custard from Norway, trifle from England, chocolate chip cookies from England, quiche Lorraine from France, pretzels from Germany. 

It was a huge success! Students also brought books and games from their cultures to share with the class.

A special thanks to all Year 3 parents for their support in making this event happen so successfully!