Remembrance Day – what a great honour!

This past Sunday, November 14th, I had the honour of representing OIS in a Remembrance Ceremony held at St. George´s Church and organised by Royal British Legion by reading a small verse paying respect to the armed forced that gave their today´s for our tomorrow´s, especially in World War I and II. This year was the 100th year anniversary of this ceremony that is held in more than 100 different countries every year on the second Sunday of November. This service is not only to honour soldiers but sailors, airmen and women, together with members of the emergency services.

It is a day to honour and show gratitude to these amazing warriors that fought for the world that we know today.

Madalena Botton

Students from various international schools from Lisbon and nearby areas, ranging from year 4 to year 11, read different verses that referred to peace, friendship, common life, unity, healing, and remembrance.

We were there not only to represent our schools, but also the young people to show that we care, and that we are grateful for their service.

My verse was as follows:

For the healing of memories, for all who are in pain, for the victims of human and natural disasters, for those who suffer because of war today, and for all who find it hard to forgive, let us pray to the lord.

This verse, although simple, carries deep meaning as it shows us the importance of peace and unity, and how some disasters are natural, but others are perpetrated by our own kind, which highlights the importance of creating open-minded people, which is also one of the IB learner profile.

Overall, it was a privilege to have the opportunity to attend the service and learn more about our past. A special thank you to Mr.Garcia and Mr. Lewis who organized it as well as the people outside of OIS who made this possible.

Remembrance Day 2021