These fresh, organic, and loving lettuces will go straight to families that need them most in Barcarena!

It’s so good to be part of this OIS project!

Last year OIS started a project called “SOCIAL GROCERY”. The objective of this project is to provide essential basics for families in need in Barcarena. This project is especially important now, as the local community is profoundly affected by the consequences of the Coronavirus. We will be helping whole families and attention will be provided for elderly people who need to remain in isolation. 

In the past, we have had an active role in the community, but we are truly hoping that this new stage will allow for an ever-growing partnership between the school, the OIS Community, and the Parish Council.

The Gardening club has always been a fundamental part of all our community projects, and we are very proud to say that is larger every year due to the hard work of students from PYP, MYP, and DP who are putting into it every day. This part of the project will continue to provide food to families in need and will run in a parallel manner to the request found below.  

OIS is working to always continue this positive partnership with the parish council, to help families in need, and this year we will be receiving a monthly list from the President of the parish council of what is required.

Every month a new update will be sent out so that we can work as a Community to help and we are positive that with your help we will manage to support this endeavor in the best way possible.