International School to Watch out for in Europe 2024

Oeiras International School (OIS) opened its doors in 2010 and
has since made a distinct mark in the Lisbon education scene.
Rather than solely focusing on academic achievement, the
school prioritizes community empowerment and involvement in
its growth and direction. This unique approach originates from the vision of
its founders, who were dissatisfied with the available educational options
and sought to establish a school that excelled in academics while being
community-owned and emphasizing personal and social development.
In 2009, these forward-thinking parents established the Oeiras
International School Associação SFL, a charitable foundation to oversee
the school. This structure ensures that any profits generated benefit the
school, ensuring its continuous alignment with the community’s needs.
Consequently, OIS stands out as a model that prioritizes family, inclusivity,
and collective well-being. Follow the link to read the full article.