Outstanding IB DP results!

OIS congratulates Yutong Miao and Miguel Prazeres, who both scored 44 points in their IB Diploma exams in May 2021. This makes them the OIS students with the highest points score in the history of the school. We are extremely proud of them and their outstanding academic achievements!!!

During the last couple of years, Miguel and Yutong were two very active and intellectually demanding students in my HL Physics class.

I will always remember Miguel´s calm and proactive attitude when solving a complex problem, the discussions we had analysing questions on the whiteboard and that he was always trying to go beyond the facts and build a conceptual understanding.

He was a great mathematician who enjoyed classical explanations such as the deduction of gravitational potential or the Schrodinger equation developed from standing waves. He truly has a sharp mind for Physics.

Mr. Vargas

Yutong is studying a four-year course in Computer Science at Manchester University and Miguel is studying Applied Mathematics at the University of Eindhoven.

I will remember Yutong’s perseverance on his extended essay and internal assessment, the understanding he showed about the involved phenomena and the humble and proactive attitude every time we had a meeting to discuss his work.

Yutong also showed exceptional mathematical skills and a truly generous attitude with his time when helping friends understand complex concepts

Mr. Vargas

“Miguel and Yutong were frequent attendees  in our Saturday physics coffee mornings and always came up with interesting questions and actively participated in finding answers. It was a pleasure to be their teacher! I wish them both all the best in life!”

Mr. Vargas